Loved by Receptionists, Providers & Patients

Organize, Triage & Never Lose Patient Leads

There are three groups of people that love this software (providers, receptionists, and patients). Our platform makes triaging and organizing patient leads and requests effortless for reception. That organization translates in more appointments, patients, and revenue. Of course, patients love when they’re called back quickly and efficiently so they can get the care they need.

HIPAA Compliance, Security & Encryption

When you sign up for Practice Messages™, we ensure all of your website forms are secure and also log all submissions in case of any errors in a HIPAA-Compliant environment powered by our partnership with Amazon Web Services. Beyond web forms, the actual software that powers Practice Messages™ is also highly encrypted exceeding all normal HIPAA requirements.

All The Benefits:

 HIPAA Compliant Software & Website Forms – to keep all patient information fully encrypted.

Increase Patient Volumes & Profits – when practice/patient communications are disorganized, patients get lost in the mix. This could leave to negative reviews and lost revenues. 

✔ Easy to Use – master the entire program in a 5 minutes training video

✔ Online Portal – eliminate messy inboxes, juggling multiple addresses

✔ Productivity – our portal streamlines follow-ups in one place so no patients are missed & work is not duplicated by receptionists or call centers.

✔ Automatic Sign-Outs – username and password login with automatic sign outs

✔ Automated Responses – once a patient submits the form on your website an automated response is immediately sent

✔ Simple Implementation -quick modifications to your website’s forms, one training session, and your ready to go

More About Practice Messages™:
Our online portal stores and organizes all your incoming messages from prospective patients who have submitted a form on your website. The secure and HIPAA compliant portal also allows your staff to track their followup with each patient, ensuring no lead is missed and no work is duplicated.

We’ve created an online portal that stores and organizes all the incoming messages from prospective patients. This software allows your practice to receive form submissions and track your followup with each patient from one place. The portal is secure and HIPAA compliant, removing the need for shared inboxes or multiple email addresses for your staff, while protecting patient information.

Technical Information:

  • Identify & Protect against threats to security or integrity of information
  • Our protocol for DDoS (brute force) protection and prevention of SQL Injection protects the information and the integrity of your entire site/instance.
  • Ensure compliance by their workforce.
  • Security rule defines “confidentiality” to mean that ePHI is not available or disclosed to unauthorized persons. As a practice, you will need to be cautious of where you decide you want the information to end up.

Hardware Requirements
Hardware requirements do not apply since our transmission of data occurs in an encrypted cloud computing environments. No physical hardware is used on our end for computing, memory, network, or storage.

Risk Analysis and Management
The Admin Safeguards provisions in the Security Rule require us to perform risk analysis as part of the security management.
We cover the risk and management portion of this by having the security monitoring on 24/7 basis. This allows us the ability to evaluate likelihood and impact of potential risks – implement appropriate security measures to address the risks.

Technical Safeguards
Access Control – our environments are only accessible from the outside via a key pair that is generated at the time access is required – without the keypair you will not be able to access the back-end of the environment.
Audit controls – Using logs and active intrusion detection we monitor all system access both at an application and infrastructure level.

Transmission Security
We operate an isolated private network and all data transmission is protected by both encryption at rest and in transit.
Compliance – SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 , ISO/IEC 27017 ,ISO/IEC 27018 , Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and HIPAA.