PracticeTools Suite

The Have Patients PracticeTools™ Suite was designed to help practice accomplish a variety of tasks to increase profitability and organize internal workflow. Many practices across the country love PracticeTools and we think you’re going to love it too.

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Boost Your Online Reviews with PracticeReviews

Online reviews control a critical amount of patient decision making. Our PracticeReviews Platform is the answer to control, organize and increase positive reviews. We dramatically improve reviews with our innovative system which automates the entire patient review process with EHR integration and an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Never Lose A Lead & Increase Productivity with PracticeMessages

Our platform makes triaging and organizing patient requests, messages and leads secure and effortless. Never miss an opportunity. Practices using PracticeMessages have seen substantial increases in appointments and revenue. Our system is fully encrypted and exceeds all E-PHI HIPAA requirements.


Meet The Worlds Leading Patient Relationship Manager, PracticeDash

PracticeDash is an incredibly powerful fully customizable PRM System (Patient Relationship Manager) that drives profits by automating everything from patient scheduling, outreach and follow up through appointment reminders and full financial and investment tracking.

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